Handmade Metallic Watercolors

Well, the news is out.  I've written a book and I couldn't be more excited to share what's in it!  First off, the cover will be a silky metallic sheen which will totally make it stand out on your bookshelf!  Beyond that the back of the book will contain six paint in projects.  There will be six pre-designed templates by me.  Half are lettering projects, half are illustration projects.  This section will contain perforated pages so you can either paint directly into the book, or rip them out and use them as templates over and over again.   

The first part of the book covers everything you need from materials, to basics like water control, prepping your metallic watercolors, and basic techniques that will be used throughout the book.  The second part of the book covers lettering projects.  This includes many different styles, which contain lettering pages so you can utilize these styles on your own as well.  You will learn...

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