Marvelous Metallic Watercolor

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Sarah Style, the leading voice in metallic watercolor, brings you watercolor like you’ve never seen it before. Through 32 projects that are as gorgeous as they are accessible, you’ll explore the dazzling beauty of capturing vibrant hues with paint. With Sarah’s tips for preparing your metallic watercolor paints to get the best effects, plus tons of detailed step-by-step projects that span simple motifs and brush lettering, you’ll be amazed at the results from your very first masterpiece and beyond. What’s more, in addition to the fact that you can transfer each design onto tracing paper, the book includes six templates you can paint directly into the book or cut out to trace, for a fantastic interactive element.

Projects include designs like Gleaming Gemstone and Beaming Butterflyā€•which bring out the vibrancy of this mediumā€•as well as lettering projects like Glittering Rainbow Ombré and Luminous Leopard, which will have you writing shiny calligraphy like a pro. Prepare to be obsessed with metallic watercolors and watch as they brighten up and revolutionize your art forever.