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Students have been raving about this course.  Enrollment is only open twice a year!  Make sure you are on the list to hear the first updates!

All That Shines

Unlock the shimmering potential of Metallic Watercolors while mastering the art of turning your creations into a thriving business with our comprehensive course! Dive into the world of luminous hues as we guide you through every aspect, from water ratios to brush selection, paper choices to perfecting your photographic skills. Don't settle for ordinary results – learn how to accentuate the unique qualities of Metallic Watercolors with the right supplies and techniques.

But that's not all – we'll also demystify the business side of art, providing you with the exact steps to turn your passion into profit. Discover how to create stunning pieces for clients and replicate the success of our viral videos, which have garnered millions of views. It's a simple yet powerful formula that unlocks the untapped potential of Metallic Watercolors. Join us and unleash your creativity today!


Are you feeling lost when it comes to metallic watercolors?

Are you ready to unlock the mesmerizing world of metallic watercolors? If you've ever felt lost when faced with those shimmering pans of color, you're not alone. I used to marvel at their beauty, yet found myself simply swatching them, unsure of how to truly harness their potential.

But then, inspiration struck. I began experimenting with metallic watercolors in my lettering work and was astounded by the breathtaking results. As I delved deeper, capturing their luminosity in videos, something incredible happened – my creations started garnering millions of views, catapulting my artistry to new heights. Suddenly, my Etsy shop was bustling with activity, flooded with requests for custom metallic watercolor pieces.

Driven by my newfound passion and the overwhelming curiosity of fellow artists, I embarked on a journey to demystify the art of metallic watercolors. Handmade metallic watercolors are a burgeoning trend in the art world, yet information remains scarce. That's why I created this course – to answer all those burning questions:

  • What can I create with metallic watercolors?
  • How do I make them sparkle like magic?
  • What's the secret to perfect watercolor lettering?
  • How much water should I be using?
  • What brush is best?
  • Which paper will they show up best on?
  • Why don't my videos look like others I see?
  • How would I go about making a piece for a client?
  • What lighting is best for metallics?

If you're ready to unlock the secrets of metallic watercolors and elevate your art to dazzling new heights, then this course is your answer. Join me on this enchanting journey, where shimmering possibilities await!


Over 7 Hours of Online Instruction!

  • I break down metallics into specific categories, from there we go over how much water is best for each category
  • I teach you my process for metallic watercolor lettering
  • You will learn how to make amazing videos & take pictures to really capture the sparkle
  • You will learn blending & shadow techniques
  • Lifetime access to this course and any updates to the course
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Over 14 Unique Projects!

  • Learn many different ways to utilize your metallics
  • Lessons on: metallic leaves, flowers, sunset, galaxy, accents, & more!
  • Featuring 10 different makers including: Aloha Watercolors, ArtisticIsle, Cloverset Watercolors, Fosters Creations, Hydracolour, Iuile Watercolors, Tiny Cactus Watercolors, The Southern Brush, Andflowertales, and Whitt's Watercolors
  • A 50 page Metallic Watercolor Guide
  • My exact process for making client pieces
  • My exact process and set up for filming a video for social media
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Access to Private Facebook Group

  • You will get direct feedback from me
  • Communication with multiple other members learning calligraphy too
  • Answers to your own calligraphy/lettering questions
  • First access to any new courses that come out
  • Lifetime access to the course and a  supportive lettering community who will only bring positivity into your life

This is to show you, out of my top 6 posts, 2 Metallic Watercolor posts were within the top 4 of my most viewed videos over 2 years.  

I'm not showing you this to brag, I'm showing you this to prove to you that it doesn't take anything special.  I'm going to teach you EXACTLY how to take videos & edit them like I have.  ANYONE CAN DO THIS! I want to show you how.  I'm usually not concerned with the numbers, but when I started to land big brand name deals & had increased sales on my Etsy page, it really stood out to me.  This was all because of the increased traffic that these metallic watercolor posts had brought me.

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BESIDES JUST THAT, there is actually a huge learning curve when it comes to using these metallic watercolors.  

STOP WASTING YOUR TIME GOOGLING ALL THE ANSWERS.  They aren't there.  Handmade watercolors are unique and fairly new, they carry properties unlike the manufactured watercolors.  They don't come with a written manual.  There are so many different kinds, it can be tough to keep up with.  

Have you ever bought a certain kind of metallic watercolor and were disappointed with what it looked like on paper? I want to help you make mindful purchases.  I want you to know what you are purchasing before you hit that "BUY" button.  

Each row of those watercolors is actually in a separate category.  Sometimes, it's hard to know that.  This is why I want to teach you.  Some require more water than others, some could actually ruin your nice brushes.  There's so much to learn, but the information just isn't out there yet!


These bonuses are valued over $500 and only here for a LIMITED TIME!

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Are you ready to step your game up?

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Still not sure if this course is for you?


I will lay out the exact format of the course, just for you!  There are a total of 35 lessons.  I break them down into what makes sense.  This is so it's easy to refer back to it whenever you need to. I have all materials in each section listed down in the description for easy quick reference including color names, brush, and paper.  


  1. Introduction:
    1. Welcome Intro 3min
    2. Materials
    3. Bonus Materials
  2. Metallic Watercolor Basics
    1. How are Metallic Watercolors Made? 3min
    2. Different Kinds of Metallics 16min
    3. Water to Watercolor Ratio 13min
  3. Which Tools Are Best?
    1. What Paper to Use? 6min
    2. Which Brushes to Use? 20min
  4. Metallic Watercolor Lettering
    1. Recap of Calligraphy Rules 18min
    2. Watercolor Lettering 11min
  5. A Physical Piece vs. A Video
    1. Differences Between Videos & Physical Pieces 4min
    2. What Makes A Great Video? 15min
    3. Steps To Make Amazing Videos 11min
    4. Steps to Make Amazing Physical Pieces (My Exact Client Process) 26min
  6. Techniques
    1. Blending Techniques 21min
    2. Shadow Techniques 20min
    3. Problems That May Arise - How to Fix Them 15 min
  7. Alternative to a Brush
    1. Magic Waterbrush 5min
  8. Equipment Set Up for Videos and Still Photos
    1. Best Ways to Capture Video & Pictures 6min
  9. Projects
    1. Physical Piece: Beauty 22min
    2. Physical Piece: Name with Florals 20min
      1. Flower Tutorial 9min
    3. Physical Piece: Lettering On Kraft Paper 13min
    4. Video: Dreams 9min
  10. Mini Projects
    1. Aloha Watercolors - Tie Dye Rainbow 11min
    2. ArtisticIsle - Metallic Sunset 16min
    3. Cloverset Watercolors - Calm Video 10min
    4. Fosters Creations - Metallic Leaves 8min
    5. Iuile Watercolors - Add Some Sparkle 11min
    6. Hydracolour - Metallic Galaxy 15min
    7. Tiny Cactus Watercolors - Metallic Background/Bookmark 8min
    8. The Southern Brush - Gold Accents 10mins
    9. Andflowertales - How to Video Holographics 14mins
    10. Whitt's Watercolors - Geometric Card 11mins
    11. Reneeisance Colours - Glass Dip Pen & Fluid Writer 15 mins
  11. Conclusion
    1. Closing & Thank you
    1. How to Edit Your Videos Using InShot 15min
    2. How To Get The Watercolors You Want, Without Them Selling Out on You!
    3. Mixing Metallics - A Fun Must Watch Video! 7mins

This is over 7 hours of jam packed material, plus a 50 page Metallic Watercolor Guide.

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Students have been raving about this course.  Enrollment is only open twice a year!  Make sure you are on the list to hear the first updates!


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I looked really hard at this course before I decided to enroll, and I am so glad I signed up. Like many others, I was acquiring quite a collection of metallic watercolors because they were so pretty. After swatching, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I played around some on black paper and liked what I saw, but I knew there was much, much more. The first three units were worth the price of the course and the bonus materials are outstanding. For example  knowing how to activate the colors opened up new understanding and eagerness to know more.


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Sarah's Metallic Watercolor Course is definitely WORTH the money! I pretty much learned a great hack from just seeing a video cover photo (prior to even starting the course)! To be honest, I thought I pretty much knew enough about watercolors and could learn along the way without having to spend the money but this course is definitely an investment and I'm so glad I made the purchase. I love that it is easy to access and it's broken up into short sections so you can watch the course at your leisure. Her course is so easy to understand but you can also ask her questions if need be. Her tips and hacks are amazing and I LOVE that she includes all her supplies, ESPECIALLY THE MORE AFFORDABLE ONES! Sarah includes detailed step by step tutorials which is great because I also wanted to learn how to do shadowing and florals and I didn't expect it to be included in the course. I now feel more confident when using my watercolors! 


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Sarah is an excellent teacher! She explains everything thoroughly, and in detail. The lessons are in a logical order, building on each other. I feel like I'm getting a great foundation for using my metallic watercolors! Up until now, I've felt kind of lost, and have been afraid to use them. Thanks to this course, I now have all of the knowledge I need to use my metallic watercolors properly, achieving the results I want, and not wasting money on trying to figure everything out on my own! I'm really grateful for this course, and appreciate that I have lifetime access so I can go back and watch any segment I might need a refresher on!


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